In 1961 Toronto was a very different place. The Leafs were winning Stanley Cups, the Old City

Hall was the “new” city hall and the 401 was a strip of fresh blacktop. In that much smaller, not-so-world-class city, a locksmith saw an opportunity to provide a much needed service. He started business as a mobile locksmith and called it Citywide Locksmith to get the idea across that he could help anyone anywhere in Toronto.

Starting new businesses is rarely easy and the owner knew he would have to put in long hours and spend time away from his young family. But, because he was “mobile” and operating the business out of his van, at least his place of business could be close to home when he wasn’t on the road.

Citywide soon built a loyal following of customers and earned a reputation across the city as a knowledgeable trustworthy locksmith service.

After 10 years of success, Citywide saw an opportunity to extend their good name to selling top quality door and cabinet hardware. In 1971, the company opened Antique Door & Hardware (ADH) in a permanent location on Avenue Road north of Lawrence Avenue. The store allowed Citywide to offer its customers a variety of locks, door sets, accessories, and cabinet handles and accessories that couldn’t be stocked in a truck.


ADH soon gained a reputation for stocking top quality, often on-of-a-kind door hardware which attracted the attention of Toronto’s home builders, architects and designers. This new market of professional customers meant the company had to expend in 1991 to accommodate the addition of ADH Contract Hardware, which works directly with building designers and architects on commercial, residential and governments’ contracts.

Today, with over 40 years as a reliable source of fine decorative door handles toronto and cabinet hardware and accessories, ADH is the go-to supplier for a growing list of interior designer, homeowners, business owners and builders.